Power Training with a Purpose!
Ride Smarter. Corner Better.  Go Faster. Climb Stronger. Recover Quicker.
  The Cyclist's Training Bible has everything you need to get fit, train smarter, and race successfully. Incorporating all the latest advances in technology and training strategies, this book puts the benefits of a scientific, self-coached training plan directly in your hands.

Whether you're a first-year amateur or a veteran road racer, Joe Friel's step-by-step approach to workout planning and physiology will help you obtain eye-popping results without riding further — just smarter. This fully updated fourth edition of Friel's landmark book delivers the most effective training strategies, including:

Using a power meter effectively
Adapting your training plan to your fitness level
Maximizing cycling form and fitness as your own form improves
Beating fatigue so you can continue to improve
Dodging the injuries that slow other cyclists down
Improving body composition — less fat, more fast!
Using smart nutrition to fuel your fitness gains
Building efficiency, power, and endurance

Whatever goals you have, The Cyclist’s Training Bible will help you reach them! And with this special offer, you can read it FREE for 21 days! Let Joe Friel guide you to your best performance and racing success.
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  You'll improve your biking, your body, and your performance with tips like these:
Quality rides beat quantity of miles every time. Concentrate on muscular endurance and power, not the number on the bike computer.
Body strength is overrated. Your weaknesses are your biggest advantage for improvement. Are you making the most of yours?
Your success on the bike has as much to do with your mind as your legs. Let Friel help build yours!
Periodization, pedaling cadence, and countersteering are three ways the pros enhance performance. But you don’t need to be a racer to benefit.
Your age is not an excuse or an impediment. In fact, a bicycle is something of a time machine. Ride more and send the clock spinning backward!
  Plus you’ll enjoy major body benefits like lowering your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, improving your sexual performance and appeal, and beating your gut for good! Request your 21-day free trial: click here!
Road biking! Discover exactly what to do the next time you're wondering how to train...
How intensely do I have to work out to see improvement? Answer on page 39

How can I adjust my workout to maximize my aerobic capacity? Answer on page 54

What's the best way to set, and achieve, realistic goals? Answer on page 82

  How important is getting good rest to my bicycling fitness program? Answer on page 132

What's the best way to get started? Answer on page 185

Plus MUCH more! Now you'll know how the experts achieve their amazing results, because you'll be doing it yourself. That's the body benefit to turning your training program over to Joe Friel, just as hundreds of dedicated athletes have. It's time to hit the road to body benefits and health rewards!

Here's your chance to harvest the best tips and tricks of cycling for 21 days, free of charge! Take it out for a test ride and see if it doesn't carry you all the way to the winner's circle.
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“Joe Friel is arguably the most experienced personal cycling coach in the U.S., and The Cyclist's Training Bible has become, well, the bible of the sport.”  —Bicycling magazine
Biking in the mountains!  
Author Joe Friel is the best training partner you could ever have!  
Hes been coaching elite and amateur cyclists, mountain bikers, and triathletes since 1980 — including American and foreign national champions, world championship competitors, and an Olympian. He knows how to get the most out of every muscle fiber, even muscles you didn't know you had! There isn't a training problem he hasn't encountered — and solved. And his book will show you how to do it, too!
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